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Two British School in the Netherlands students, Isabela (Y5) and Nelly (Y6), were inspired to collect for the Charity AAP to help animals such as monkeys, tigers and lions, which are kept as pets, traded illegally or used in circuses and other forms of entertainment.

As part of a special ‘Responsible Citizen’ project, for achieving their Gold Award, they: contacted all the parents of the school by sending letters home, asked the IT department for computers to be recycled and made posters to promote families to donate their telephones, laptops etc. to be recycled.

Isabela made a PowerPoint presentation to share with the parent class representatives to promote what the charity did and to encourage them to make donations. She also shared this in an assembly both in the primary and senior school. What an achievement, at the age of 9, presenting to so many children and adults! Both the girls were proud of their achievement and Nelly was present to hand over the box of donations. Isabela had relocated to Dubai, before the box was full, but it was her who initiated the project and Nelly took over and ensured it was completed. They received their Gold Responsible Citizen Award and were grateful for all the donations they could hand over to AAP to help the animals.